We include a range of more

than 1200 items !

Please  swing by and join us for more details.
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Customer’s satisfaction is our business.


Our small shop is the only certified organic grocery shop in Pressath. You can find our shop in the Bahnhofstrasse 20, opposite to the Raiffeisenbank.


We only offer organic products of highest quality according to international and national standards. Our 100% natural products have a continuous high quality thanks to our partners which are very dedicated in preparing healthy and environmentally friendly organic products.


Due to intensive surveillance they can trace, control and ensure high organic quality from the source to the final product, from the producer to the costumer.


We serve a comprehensive range of organic food, fruits, vegetables, delicatessen, hearth food, spices, baked goods, sweets, spreads, alcoholic, non-alcoholic beverages, wine, birthday gifts, milk, dairy products, eggs, sausages and meat. We offer a wide range of the finest, organic cold pressed oils for cooking health and nutrition. a.s.o.

We also offer a big range organic body care and cosmetics products from natural personal care manufacturers. For example: shower gels, make up on all colours, anti-aging concepts a.s.o.


We are open on:

         Tuesday till Friday:   9:00 am to 6:00 pm

         Saturdays  9:00 am to 12:00
Mondays closed !


Best Regards our Team, Regina, Gabi and Karl


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